Female Snuggler Job Application Form

This is a job application form.
You can give an alias at the end of the application.
Fill in your REAL information.
None of the personal details are posted on the website. Only your name/alias, photos, and bio are posted.
Do NOT apply if you work for any other cuddling company.

Can clients come to your residence?
This greatly increases the amount of work available. Even if you can only do this at specific times of the day, it is important to have this as an option for clients. Making this possible is highly encouraged.
Can you drive to client's residence?
Make sure photos do not have any part of your head cut off, are in color, and don't have a hat or sunglasses on.

Acceptable file types: doc,docx,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 20mb.
Submit a bio to be used for the snugglers page if hired (4-6 sentences about you, your life, interests, etc):
Do you have any additional comments or questions? Do you want to use an alias and/or different city for the website? (Alias location must be within 15 miles distance)
Why are you applying for this job? Why do you think you would be good at this job? How many free hours do you have per week?
Picture of your Driver's License or Photo ID (Please note: You can use an alias and a different city for the website. Your personal information is never given out to anyone.)

Please check your e-mail within 48 hrs for a response to your application. Check Spam Folder if you do not see a response.

If you are having trouble with the form, you can e-mail us at job@thesnugglebuddies.com with all of the information requested in the above application.

The steps going forward are:
1. You will receive an e-mail with training materials. There is a quiz on the training materials. At the end of the quiz is information on how to setup the interview and other important phone numbers that you should write down.
2. You will have an interview, which is done by a snuggler, that you can ask job related questions.
3. You will have your first customer which is part of the hiring process. The first customer will be a long time customer of the service. We will facilitate your first session scheduling wise. After your first session, you are responsible for applying all the knowledge in the training materials.

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